Waterproof Records

Are you looking for a simple, short run disc duplication service?

Waterproof Records is aimed at the unsigned/independent artist who doesn’t have the need or the budget to order hundreds of CDs.


How Does It Work?

1. Send me your tracks. If you already have them on a CD then send me that. If not then you can email me the tracks.

2. Decide how many copies you want and which style of disc you want. At the moment I can offer plain white or black vinyl.

3. What artwork do you want on the CD label? Do you have something already or would you like me to design something?

4. What kind of sleeve do you want? At the moment I have plain plastic, brown “single” style card and plain white card.

5. If you chose a card sleeve then you have the option of having a front and back sticker. You have to decide what you want on them.


I do my best to get your discs finishes as soon as I can and you can either pick them up from me (I live in Eastleigh, Hampshire) or I can post them.

Once I have done one job for you, I keep all the details of that job so you can order more of the same as and when you need them. Duplicate orders would not include the £15 set up fee.


You choose from white or black vinyl cds. Brown, White, Brown Vinyl,  White Vinyl or soft plastic type sleeve. CD labels are limited to simple vinyl type. 

When you chose a plain card sleeve you can have a back and front sticker. If you choose a vinyl type sleeve you only have the option of a back label


How much does it cost?

For example

20 x white CDs + CD label design supplied by you + plain plastic sleeve = £1.25 per disc plus a one time £15 set up  =  £35.00

20 x vinyl style CDs + CD label design supplied by you + vinyl style sleeve with window + back sleeve label  + £2 per disc plus one time £15 set up fee = £55.00


What if I want something different that you don’t have listed?

Try me! I’m flexible and can give most things a try. I’m a singer songwriter and I produce my own CD’s and merchandise, so I know where you are coming from.

If you’re not sure then I can suggest a few options including some things you may not have considered.

Use the contact for below to get in touch and we can take it from there.


Nick Tann